Gift ideas for your man

16 Jul


After dating the same person for six and a half years, I have had to get creative with gifts. Scott’s 23rd birthday is this month and it made me think of the different presents I have given him over the years. Some of my favs include:

1. Make something- picture collage, scrapbook, no sew blanket, or make him a personalized build-a-bear…and never underestimate the power of sweets! What guy doesn’t like some cookies or his favorite cake baked for him?
2. Concert tickets – always a fun present…and you get something out of it, too! =)
3. Gift card- for something fun you can do together like your favorite restaurant or go to the movies
4. Technology- whether you want something small like iPod speakers or a car adapter to something big like a tv, iPod, or iPad- guys definitely love their “toys”
5. Clothes- I feel like I can never get Scott enough clothes. Plus I like when I get to have a little control of his style (good thing he agrees with my taste). I’ve bought him everything from basketball shorts, to polo shirts, to nice button ups. You can’t go wrong with clothes…just make sure you know what size!
6. Accessories- sunglasses, watch
7. Cologne- what guy doesn’t like to smell good? Some of my favorites are any of the Polo fragrances!
8. Shoes- guys are always in need of shoes…whether it’s sandals, Sperry’s, tennis shoes, or dress shoes most men can usually find a use for them
9. Wallet- Scott always loses things and one year before his birthday he lost his so I bought him a new one. I never realized how many different styles there were to choose from!
10. Something meaningful- for example Scott played football at the University of Louisville so I found a framed poster of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium (where he played) on eBay for a good price. He loved it and it’s something he will enjoy for years to come.

This year I lucked out with birthday shopping for Scott. While we were in Hilton Head we went to the outlet mall and shopped together for his presents. Even though it might not have been very “surprising” he was able to pick out things he needed and really liked. We found lots of good deals at the Polo Factory so Scott went to town picking out clothes. I also got him some nice golf shoes from the Nike store since he has started golfing again and was in need of a new pair. Now I don’t have to stress about what to get him and he’s happy as can be. =)


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