Life Update!

20 Mar
Life has been crazy busy lately, as usual! But it has been fantastic. I have absolutely LOVED student teaching this semester and can’t believe my last day is only five weeks away! 😦
My cooperating teachings have been phenomenal and have taught me so much. One of my favorite things that I implemented was this quick and easy version of an “exit slip”:
I put post-its on the students’ desks in the morning and at the end of class I have them write down what stuck with them from that day’s lesson. It is such a cute and easy way to see how much students actually comprehended. 
Aside from student teaching, I have also been on the job hunt! Being a teacher it’s somewhat difficult finding a job because schools don’t post openings until late spring.  I have been fortunate enough to have been in contact with some schools from home that already know open positions for next school year. I even have a job interview next Friday at one of the Catholic schools in Louisville! 🙂 AND we had a career fair today at UD where I interviewed with two school districts from Louisville. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and trying to stay proactive about completing on-line applications and keeping in contact with schools. I can’t believe the real world is quickly approaching but I couldn’t be more excited about it!
A couple of weekends ago my two best friends, Liz and Morgan, came to visit! I can’t wait until we are all living in the same city again!

And of course with senior year coming to a close, the roomies and I are trying to enjoy every second of our last year at Dayton. I have been so blessed living with these 6 amazing girls and know that we will keep in touch long after graduation. 

The wonderful St. Patty’s day was last Sunday and campus was a sea of green as usual! 

Now I’m just trying to get through this last week and a half before SPRING BREAK! I cannot wait for next Friday because my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and I are all going to Hilton Head!! I am so unbelievably excited for this much-needed vacation and quality time spent with family. 

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