Go Cards!

30 Nov

It has been an exciting week for the University of Louisville football program. My boyfriend, Scott, is a senior this year, but began his college career as a walk-on freshman.  He has put in so much time and hard work and it all paid off last year when he earned a scholarship. This season he has been starting at wide receiver and has loved every minute of it.  It has been amazing to see his dreams come true of playing college football for a D-1 school.

Last Saturday was their Senior Night game and the timing could not have been more perfect because I was already home for Thanksgiving break. My family and I arrived hours before kick-off to tailgate and to greet the players as they walked through the parking lot to the stadium for their “Card March.”  Before the game started, they announced all of the seniors and had them walk to meet their families on the field. Everything seemed to be going great until a couple of minutes in to the first quarter. One of the first offensive plays of the game, Scott was tackled and took a hard blow to the head. He suffered a concussion and was out the rest of the game.  It was heartbreaking that this had to happen to him on his senior night and during their last home game of the season (his last home game ever).  He was taken in to the training facility for the rest of the first half, but was luckily able to come back out on the sidelines after halftime.

My heart hurt for him because I knew he was extremely disappointed, but I could not help but feel such pride and admiration as I watched him on the sidelines. Scott never stopped cheering and was constantly trying to pump up his teammates. Despite his efforts, UofL ended up losing in triple overtime to UConn.

 my parents and I tailgating before the game
 Scott greeting his family on the field before the game
Scott during warm-ups…unfortunately he spent more time on the field before the game than during the game, since his concussion happened so early on šŸ˜¦

after the game

Scott is feeling much better, but unfortunately could not play in their last game of the season last night against Rutgers.  Even though he was unable to play, he cheered his little heart out.  The team got off to a slow start, but played great in the second half and WON, putting them at the top of their conference.  This earned them the title of “Big East Champs,” finishing with a 10-2 record. I am so unbelievably excited for them and happy they are going to a BCS bowl game.  Depending on the results of games this weekend from other teams in their conference, we will either be going to the Orange Bowl in Miami or the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.  Luckily Scott will be healthy and able to play in this game – the biggest of the season! I will be more than excited to go to either bowl game, but would love some warm weather and a tan! šŸ™‚ YAY for Christmas break and for a vacation! 
 Scott giving the trophy some love after the game
Big East Champs!


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