November- a month to be thankful…

6 Nov
Since it is November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I have started making a list of one thing I am thankful for each day. I decided to move this list to my blog and create a post out of it.

November 1st- I am thankful for the adorable children I baby-sit every week, sweet baby Chris and little Lucy…their innocent outlook on life is contagious and reminds me to not take life too seriously

November 2nd- I am thankful for my two fabulous cooperating teachers that I have already learned so much from

November 3rd- I am thankful for relaxing wine nights spent with great friends!

November 4th- I am thankful for an extra hour of sleep — yay daylight savings time!

November 5th- I am thankful that my first planned and taught lesson to my sixth graders was a success 🙂

November 6th- I am thankful for my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, that has made my college experience so enjoyable and rewarding. I am proud of all that we stand for and our amazing philanthropy, breast cancer education and awareness. I am thankful for all of my sisters, especially my fellow seniors for all of the fun times we have shared over the last four years

November 7th- I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine! This cold weather is much more tolerable when the sun is out 🙂 

November 8th- I am thankful for all of my possessions that I so easily take for granted – nice shoes, new clothes…a bed, a house. A non-profit organization called “Shoes for the Shoeless” came to our school today and several kids in our class got brand new shoes. It was beautiful to see the excitement on their faces. They could not stop showing myself and the other teachers their brand new kicks. It was very humbling to see and made me realize how blessed I really am. To find out more about this wonderful organization, check out their website at

November 9th- I am SO thankful that today is Friday! Bring on the weekend

November 10th- I am thankful that I go to the University of Dayton  – a community that I have been blessed to be a part of for the last three and a half years. It is honestly one of the most friendly, welcoming, and caring campuses I know and I could not picture myself anywhere but here…go flyers!

November 11th- I am thankful that my parents and sister visited me this weekend! 

November 12th- I am thankful that the school provided free Q’Doba for all of the teachers today at professional development

November 13th- I am thankful for a warm bowl of chili on a cold day like today 

November 14th- I am thankful for my two loving parents that have been such wonderful role models for my brother, sister, and me

November 15th- I am thankful for my roomies that always make me smile 🙂

November 16th- I am thankful that I survived this week!

November 17th- I am thankful that Thanksgiving is only FIVE days away!

November 18th- I am thankful that Scott had an off-weekend from football and was finally able to come visit me in Dayton! 

November 19th- I am thankful for all of the students in my sixth grade class 🙂 
November 20th- I am extremely thankful that I did not get hurt in my car accident today and that everyone was okay.
November 21st- I am thankful for Thanksgiving break and time spent relaxing at home with friends and family!
November 22nd- I am thankful for this wonderful holiday and all of the delicious food! And of course my loving family and our fun Thanksgiving traditions 🙂 


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